3 Ways to Present Rates to Clients

Most writers, being creative types, are loathe to talk about money. They especially dislike when they have to tell a new client their rates or when they have to invoice a client. That side of freelancing can be difficult for freelance writers and editors. I know. I, too, struggled with that when I first began freelancing.

If you want to be a successful freelance writer or editor, you must overcome your resistance to talking about and asking for money. You do like to eat, right? I’ll bet you also like to live in a warm home with heat and air conditioning and, well, all the comforts of home, right?

So, as Cher said to Nick Cage in the movie, Moonstruck, “get over it!”

Here are 3 easy ways to present your rate to clients. Feel free to reword them to make them your own and practice saying them until you feel comfortable:

1. Say it calmly and clearly: “My rate is $xx per hour and on long-term projects such as this one, I will invoice you every 2 weeks.”

2. When they ask what your rate is, answer without missing a beat: “My rate is $xx per hour and with first-time clients, I require 50 percent upon (or prior to) beginning work and the remaining 50 percent Net 15 days (or Net 30 days). If this is a long-term project, however, instead of the remaining 50 percent Net 15, I suggest saying, “upon completing 50 percent of the project, I will begin billing you every two weeks.” Or choose an approach that works best for the particular project.

3. If you’re working for a mid-size to large company that has provided you with a purchase order, you know they’ve signaled their intent to pay. In these instances, you can usually say, “My rate is $xx per hour and since we’ll be working on this project/these projects long term, I will invoice you every 2 weeks.”

These are just a few ways to present your rate to clients. What are some of the ways you present rates to clients? I invite you to dip your pen into the inkwell and share what works for you!

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