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Writing—Not for the Faint of Heart

Writing is a tough profession. The writer’s life is a solitary one, pursued by the writer, alone with his mind, imagination, and the blank slate of paper or computer screen on which he crafts his work.

Sure, writers interview people and talk with editors and proofreaders and sometimes even photographers. Still, the bulk of a writer’s work occurs in solitude—when the writer is crafting the article, book, or document he was hired to write or is trying to sell.

Since humans are social beings by nature, writing as a profession is one that only a hardy few pursue with earnest. Even writers who work on staff at magazines and newspapers know that theirs is a solitary pursuit because, when their deadline approaches, everything comes down to them sitting down and writing, alone, in their office or cubicle. No interruptions. No conversations. Just the writer, that blank slate, and his ability to craft something his editor will publish.

No, the writing life is not for the faint of heart. You must feel so passionate about writing that you don’t care about the solitude.

So dip your pen into the Inkwell and get started.

Write On With Confidence!