What Do You Do All Day?

My neighbors have a bet going about me. They want to know what I do all day. They find it difficult to believe that anyone can really earn a living without going to “someplace” other than home.

The little old ladies can’t understand why I don’t have time to listen to their rheumatism stories for hours on end. The little old men want to know why I’m not tending my garden. And the working mothers are angry because they think I stay home all day and watch soap operas.

I recently learned that they have a running bet going and the first one to find out what I “really” do all day, that is, how I earn my income, wins.

So whenever I am outside, if one of my neighbors sees me, they head over and start asking questions. “How’s it going?” “What have you been working on?” “Who did you say you work for?” “Doesn’t your boss get upset with you taking so many days off?” “What does a writer do anyway?” “Do you fix computers? Mine is acting kind of funny. Maybe you could take a look at it?” And my two favorites, “Tell me the truth. What do you really do for a living?” “Do you have an inheritance?”

I guess in every neighborhood you have to have somebody the neighbors can talk about. In my neighborhood, I seem to be it.

I must confess that I somewhat like being the mysterious neighbor. It rather adds to the romantic notions that people attach to being a writer.

So, what do you do all day?

Dip your pen into the Inkwell and let us know.

Write On With Confidence!

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