Writing for a Living

Most writers have second jobs.

That’s right. The majority of people who claim to be writers do something other than write to earn the bulk of their income. Why? Because writing is a tough business. Didn’t I write that before, in an earlier post? It really is.

Not only that. So many people aspire to be writers that the competition is fierce, so employers (or clients) can pick and choose who they hire for a job or a freelance project. Consequently, because so many people want to be writers, the pay is incredibly low. Except for the Jackie Collins and Steven Kings of the writing world or technical writers who generally earn a higher income thanks to the expertise they bring to a high-demand profession.

There are a lot of options, if you’re interested in being a technical writer. Think of a product, any product. Now contact that manufacturer to find out if they’re hiring. Someone has to write and format the user guide.

So dip your pen into the Writers Inkwell and

Write On With Confidence!

The Writers Inkwell Muse

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