A Cure for Writer’s Block — Part I

It’s a malady every writer experiences from time to time. The words just won’t come. It’s the dread, dare I say it…Writer’s Block. You’re stuck and you know it. But what to do?

We’re writers. Most of the time when we write, the words flow, sometimes easily, sometimes only after some thought. However, they continue to flow. Yet, every once in a while, we find ourselves looking at a blank page or, in my case, a blank computer screen, and there’s nothing. Not one word and after a few days of this, panic sets in.

What if I am never able to write another word again? What if everything I’ve ever written is all there is? Who am I if I’m not writing? Talk about sheer, unadulterated terror grabbing you by the throat and squeezing the river of words dry. It’s enough to send me to the beach.

Hey, that’s it. Sometimes you just gotta get away from it all. In our home, when the going gets tough, the tough ones go to the beach. Or maybe hiking in the woods is your thing. Or camping in the desert. You get the idea.

When you truly are stuck and can’t get unstuck, you may need to try a change of scenery. Even if that change is only a 15-minute walk around the block or the company parking lot. I fondly recall several times I puzzled my clients by walking around their company’s parking lot, even in winter, because there was no place else but the nearby highway to walk. Those were the times when I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the complexity of some high-technology product and its accompanying documentation.

Naturally, I prefer to walk in the woods, along the shore, or even in my own neighborhood. However, just the act of getting outside into the fresh air and doing something physical often is enough to refresh my mental neurons and help me sit down and write.

This is the first of several ways to cure writer’s block. As I compile the various methods I use, I will share them with you.

Dip your pen into the Writers Inkwell and let us know how you cure writer’s block.

Write On With Confidence!

The Writers Inkwell Muse

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