Path #6 to Technical Writing Success: Select Companies of a Specific Type

This is Path #6 to Technical Writing Success, however, it is certainly not the end of the list of ways technical writers can achieve success.

Select Companies of a Specific Type
Now that we’ve explored several ways technical writers can achieve writing success and the many types of documentation they work on, we’re going to focus on the types of clients available to you. There are many different types of client companies you, as a technical writer, can work for: local, national, international, large, small, mid-size, family owned, or even one-person companies.

When I first began my consulting business, I worked with pretty much all of the above for the first two or three years. Then I began to narrow the types of companies I wanted to work with until I determined the types of companies that were my dream clients.

Some writers prefer the one-on-one interaction that comes with knowing the owner personally. Others are comfortable working with specific departments or divisions within larger national or international corporations. As you work with each new client, notice the pros and cons of working with each type of company. Eventually, you will find your dream client combination.

Dip your pen into the Inkwell and tell us in the comments below about your dream client combination.

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