Writers, Daydreams, and Intuition

Writers are the ultimate dreamers. How else could they create the fabulous fiction and nonfiction works they create? Our daydreams provide a guide for us to that fabulous inner world where creativity resides.

Usually, I find my daydreams are closely tied to my intuition and you should always follow intuition. How many times have you said, “I had a feeling that would happen?” Always listen to your intuition. It’s that part of you that is connected to the greater good of the universe and it looks out for you—if only you will listen to it.

I use my intuition a lot when I’m editing, too. Sometimes what the writer is saying doesn’t quite mesh with the intent of the document or story as a whole. When that happens, my intuition raises a red flag that leads me to look more closely at what the writer is trying to say. More often than not, when I ask the writer for clarification, also suggesting alternative phrasing, my intuition is rewarded with the writer saying, “Yes, that’s what I was trying to say! I just couldn’t figure out how to say it.”

So daydream whenever you can and follow your intuition. You just may find it takes you to some marvelously creative places.

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