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Christmas Gifts for Writers

My friends tell me that finding Christmas gifts for writers can be very difficult. You can only find so many funny coffee mugs or T-shirts with writing-related quips.

One friend said it was difficult to think of what to buy for me for birthdays and Christmas because she felt that, as a writer (and editor), I might find what she chose not meaningful enough. Not certain what my friend meant by that, and being a writer, I asked.

Her answer? “Well, you’re a writer. You are so educated. You know so much. What can I give you that you would like or find useful?” I have to admit I was a bit taken aback because my friend has the same amount of formal education that I have. Still, I can appreciate her concern because I think we all feel this way when we want to give the people we care about a gift.

So, to help my fellow writers get the books they want for Christmas this year, I’ve compiled a handy list that you can give to your family or name drop when you’re having lunch with friends, or leave on your desk for the gift-givers in your life to find.

Christmas Gifts for Writers

If the writer in your life has these books, think about what she enjoys when she’s not writing and select a gift related to that. After all, the most meaningful gifts of all come from the heart.