Online Training Classes

For the first time ever these writing classes are available to the public. Previously, they were only available through a select few University Extension programs. Now, for a limited time only, I’m offering an Online Version of these classes for a low introductory price.

Writing for Publication
Using the Professional Writers Secret Weapon

Stop rejection letters and start getting your work published now. In this four-week online class, you will learn how to use the Professional Writers Secret Weapon to get published as often as you like. Participants will learn how to:

  • target the right markets for your magazine articles
  • determine what sells and what doesn’t
  • harness the power of the Professional Writer’s Secret Weapon
  • provide the value-added services that keep editors asking you for more
  • track your articles to broaden your market base

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Business Writing for Results

If you’ve ever written to someone you work with and then waited and waited and waited for a reply, Business Writing for Results is for you.

In this four-week online class, you will learn how to writer letters, memos, emails, and reports that get results. Class participants will learn how to:

  • determine which type of document to use for each situation
  • select the terminology to use to get results
  • check your work for accuracy
  • select the right people to include on your distribution list
  • employ secret tips that professional writers and editors use to ensure their documents rock

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Grammar Refresher for Writers & Editors

If you’re a technical writer or editor, you know how easily technical terminology tends to mangle English grammar. I recommend this class for anyone who works in high tech, as well as for any writers or editors who want a grammar refresher course.

This four-week class provides you with the opportunity to participate in hands-on exercises designed to help you get back to the grammar basics you need to produce high-quality documentation. You will learn how to:

  • strip the deadwood out of your writing
  • use active verbs to keep readers interested
  • write more concisely
  • ensure flawless punctuation
  • recognize the 10 most-often misspelled words and eliminate them from your writing

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